hobby journey

about me.

i am a minor (you can call me euph) who posts art, and explores different hobbies: knitting, baking, drawing, and more! i will post hobby ideas and other creative things. thank you for visiting my page ! icons are drawn by me.


i have been drawing anime for four and a half years, semi-realism for a few months, and digital for four years.


i've been baking for only two years, after i moved. baking is a really fun and interesting experience.


my school has a self-motivated learning project, and i chose to do knitting.i've only been doing knitting for one month and also hope to do felting someday.


me and my friend are working on a business where she sells crochet animals + bags, including patterns on ribblr. im working as her "marketer".

Hobbies are the key to unleashing our inner passions and creativity.
— Unknown


where you can find me online!

I use ibispaint, ribblr, and more.

Me and my friend have created a business where we sell crochet things to my school. On ribblr, a website to sell patterns, we sell many crochet patterns.

I'm also active on ibispaint where I sometimes post my art (if I like it). I've been using ibispaint since August 2021.

digital sketch ver.